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Laundry Room Organization with Real Simple Inspiration

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Cooking Light and Real Simple, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #FreshandFab

The pages of April's Real Simple magazine inspired me to finish my laundry room makeover. With some simple organizational ideas, we're ready to wash, dry, fold and a clutter-free area.
If you're familiar with my blog, you know I don't do overnight makeovers. I wish I were that's more like year(s) long makeovers around these parts. I got just the inspiration to kick it in gear and finish this room off after thumbing through the latest Real Simple magazine. Check it out>>>

Our laundry room is the second most made-over room in our home in the seven years we've lived here {the first being the ongoing kitchen redo}. You can see the progress above. This latest remodel was due to the previous washer causing water damage. 

A brief recap: 
In makeover #1, we removed the cabinets, painted, and added the shelving. We also reconfigured the dryer to move the trash can to the middle {not sure why I did that now}. This setup worked fine until The Great Washer Mess of 2013 when we had to replace our old set {no tears from was covered by our extended warranty}. Instead of just replacing the washer, we went ahead and bought a new dryer, too, in the red color you see above. It was a weak moment on my husband's part...heh, heh. With the new {taller} set, we had to remove the bottom shelf. We also painted, again, and did a bit more reconfiguring of our space {and moved the dryer back next to the washer...after reconfiguring the dryer connection...again}.

With the loss of an entire shelf's worth of storage, I struggled a bit in here for the last year, organization wise.

Enter...INSPIRATION! Target is currently running a fantastic deal on both Real Simple and Cooking Light magazines. Buy them both and receive a $5 Target gift card {while supplies last}! And I love both of these magazines! With my ongoing weight loss, I get lots of recipes from Cooking Light...and they even have wonderful home and organizational ideas tucked in there as well.

This recent issue of Real Simple prompted me to finish things up in my own laundry room and get it ready for the heavy summer use {pool towels, swim suits and more}! This magazine issue will make anyone get in gear for spring cleaning.

One thing in here that I've organized is the second shelf {the only functioning one at this point since the top one is out of reach}. I used locker baskets to contain five categories of items {lost socks, hats, cleaning supplies, warranty manuals and suncreen/bugsprays}.

I made simple labels for these with a vintage font to keep with the feel of the room. The baskets look super similar to a small table featured in this April's Real Simple issue. It's fun to be inspired by objects that may not even be similar to what I'm using them for. I loved the look of that table! And these baskets are fun and easy to keep clean. 

These burlap-covered trays on top of the washer and dryer were similar to a burlap table in April's Real Simple issue as well. Again, inspiration can come in the form of many things.

I keep our mail in one box and the other contains my iron, paper towels and water that my dryer requires for a particular setting on it. 

Keeps it nice and tidy. 

We added a hook board on one wall to keep jackets and other hanging items nice and neat. 

I also utilize every square inch of space under the washer and dryer as well.

The new organization makes it pretty fun to do laundry in here now!
If you'd like to swing by and give it a try for yourself, I'm happy to supply you with one or ten loads of laundry that need washing {wink}.

How do fabulous magazines inspire you?

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  1. Kristi! Your laundry room looks great and I can't take my eyes off those beautiful orange appliances!!


  2. I love your new laundry room -- especially the color of your appliances! You did a great job!

    Danielle at Framed Frosting

  3. Yay for organization! I'm a big fan of Real Simple magazine aaaand I am dying to get front loading machines... maybe this year :)

  4. Your laundry room looks fantastic {and, yes - I too am in love with your washer and dryer!!}. I always get great ideas from Real Simple and Cooking Light as well so I am loving that $5 gift card back. Eeek - another excuse to go to Target!! ;) Pinned! xo

  5. Love all the BEAUITFUL details and functionality in your space! You did amazing! I am a sucker for all things organizational and this left me swooning! Pinned! Thanks!

  6. LOVE your new laundry room!! You are amazing!

  7. I subscribe to Cooking Light (oh my...carrot cake cookies in that particular issue!) and I am always a sucker for Real Simple. Their headlines always grab me. I adore the tray idea for the top of the washer and dryer - definitely doing that!

  8. This looks great. Redoing my laundry closet is on my to do list. I desperately need some more shelves for storage...I only have one short one. The real kicker is the water outlets is in there and that thing is huge. So...I have to try and come up with a solution. Thanks for is beautiful.

  9. So cute! Those storage bins under the washer and dryer are GENIUS.

  10. Love the laundry room update, AND both magazines. Great use of the side walls.

  11. This looks AH-MAZE-ing Kristi- I love it!! The giant metal WASH has to be my favourite- how fun is that with your stunning washer and dryer set?? I need to get me some wire baskets round here...

  12. The orange washer and dryer make the room! love the wash letters to. Great job!

  13. Hi Kristi! You did a wonderful job! It looks great! You have inspired me!

  14. Love your laundry room! Where did you find the trays on top of the washer and dryer?

  15. I lurve your red washing machine & dryer (everything looks better in red!) In the UK all our machines are front loaders, but it still seems funny to see them on a US blog. I long for a laundry room, especially one as lovely as this!

  16. Your laundry room is so organized and looks good! Thanks for sharing it at The Pin Junkie. It was one of the features this week at