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Deep Cleaning the Bathroom {Deep Cleaning Zone by Zone Series}

Today in our Deep Cleaning Zone by Zone Series, we're tackling the bathroom.
I've got great tips to have the cleanest, most germ-free potty in town!

I'm about to go all Adrian Monk on you guys. While I can handle junk {I am a bit of a clutterbug, sometimes}, I can not handle funk. Junk. Not funk. It's how I roll. I've already told you about about my, {ahem}, innate fear of puke {read about that here...and see in the comments how over a hundred other people hate it just as much as I do}. That whole emetophobia thing I have going on kind of {rather, completely} contributes to how I clean my home. The less germs, the less puke. Bada bing, bada boom.

And I'm sharing another zone cleaning printable to help you deep clean your bathroom this spring. It's the perfect time to throw open the windows and wash those germs right out of your bathroom! It's available at the end of this post for free download.

I'm not going to lie. I deep clean the bathroom way more than any sane person. And yes, I replace the toilet seat on the potty quite a bit, too {I have a house full of boys. And I hate puke}. You can easily remove and clean a toilet seat. But since they're less than $10, I just replace ours pretty often.

My cleaning chart printable takes you through deep cleaning the entire bathroom. I'm going to share today how I specifically deep clean the toilet area in our bathroom.

Above are all of the products I use for tackling the toilet. And I also replace my toilet brush more than the seat. I replace them once a month. They cost less than a box of's worth it to me. While a micorfiber cloth may seem weird for the bathroom, I throw mine in the sanitize cycle when I'm done and I know all of the germs will disappear. The one I prefer to use is from Shaklee and you can get it here.

One of the biggest things that's helped me with my puke-issues is Basic G. It is the SOLE REASON I started purchasing Shaklee cleaning supplies three years ago. And it's kept me coming back for more. I buy a larger spray bottle because I use this stuff very frequently and mix new bottles quite a lot, too. You can purchase this cleaner here. The concentrated bottle will last over a year. {I buy my spray bottles are Walmart.}

Here's why Basic G has changed how I clean {and why I kicked the bleach and aerosol disinfectant to curb}:
- My number one reason? Its residual effectiveness lasts up to three days after application. Bleach is effective no more than one hour {I know, right?}. Do you know what that means? If someone is sick in our home, I don't have to re-clean the potty every single time they use it if I've used Basic G. I clean it with Basic G and it is still clean for the next THREE DAYS!! That is HUGE!!! 
- It kills up to 99% of bacteria.
- It is much safer than any chemical out there! 

- It is nonflammable & biodegradable. Cleans, disinfects & deodorizes in one easy step.

I start my deep cleaning toilet routine by removing the toilet seat. I throw mine away. If you'd prefer to reuse it, I would still remove it. There are so many yuckies that are under those hinges...this is the time to get rid of them!!

There's always some nastiness under the hinges...I'm not going to lie. It isn't pretty. And it makes you question toilet hinges in general {at least it does to me}. I disinfect with Basic G and then use my Scour Off to remove any tough stains left behind. I apply it, let it sit for a couple of minutes, and then scrub with an old toothbrush. Everything always comes off. You can find Scour Off here. {I showed you last week how I use it to clean my stove here}.

I wipe up the excess Scour Off with toilet paper and then flush it. Then I use more Basic G over that area {it's best to apply it, let it sit and penetrate for ten minutes, and then wipe it off}.

After the hinge area is clean, I tackle the rest of the potty with Basic G. Once you reattach your {either new or disinfected} seat, be sure to get the inside of the hinges {under the caps}, too. Be sure and get all of the floor surrounding the toilet as well {especially if you have boys like our house does}. You know why. ;)

I also lift the tank and throw a few squirts of Basic G in there, too. Germs are everywhere, man.

Then it's just your basic swish and dry. Douse the inside of the bowl with Basic G. Scrub with your {new} toilet brush. {They even have them at Dollar can buy a new one every week and be a crazy OCD person like me. C'mon. It's so fun.}
After you've swished your brush around the bowl, set it under the seat to drip dry {after flushing the germs down the potty}. This prevents it from putting yucky water into its holder {which should also get disinfected often}. 

I clean my toilet first and swish & dry last on it. Then I clean the rest of the bathroom while the brush is drying out. 

Other key areas in the toilet area/room are the light switch and the paper holder. These are two spots people touch often...sometimes before they've washed their hands. Bleh.

I also keep my bottle of Basic G on the back of the potty. I use it every three days to freshen it up and clean the germs away. It's also peace of mind knowing its residual effects keep on resisting germs long after I've sprayed it.

It's the perfect cleaner to prevent the spread of the pukes.
That's enough for me!

Again, you can find the Basic G here.
Our entire {natural and organic} Get Clean Kit is also a steal this month for $99...which will include a free membership AND canister of smoothee mix. The Get Clean Kit is the perfect thing to pair with the Basic G. They go hand in hand. Get your kit here.

And grab your free printable bathroom cleaning list below! It's a great way to get on top of the spring cleaning!

Neglect your chores like me and don't miss a thing:


  1. Interesting read! I always like to see if I measure up to someone else's cleaning standards, and I almost did... Some great tips here, like, I did not know that Shaklee had a non toxic cleaner. Will be checking it out. Thanks!

  2. Wow! You are my hero! {heroin?} I really need to get to the cabinets and walls.....
    Have a happy spring!!
    “hugs” Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

  3. I just love everything about this post. The fact that you started it with an Adrian Monk reference. The fact that you use Basic G {I always use it to clean bathrooms!!! I love it because I can use tons and I'm not ingesting harsh chemicals.} The fact that you wipe down your lightswitch and paper holder. My only additions to this post are: the soap dispenser also gets touched by un-washed hands {if you're lucky!} and the flush handle. Make sure that gets disinfected and wiped down when your rag is clean, not after you've wiped down the rest of the toilet. GROSS!

    Thanks so much for this post! :)

  4. You speak to my heart, we must be kindred spirits! I am so picky about cleaning bathrooms!!! I was never sure about cleaning inside the tank, but have always wanted to...def doing that now!!! My little man's bathroom stay cleaner now that I use it regularly! LOL

  5. I love your cleaning lists and pictures in the deep cleaning challenge, please tell me you will be doing them on the living room, bedrooms, and laundry room as well ?

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