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Delicious Breakfast for Under 300 Calories

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Jimmy Dean, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #BreakfastDelight

Food is what motivates me out of bed every morning. And this delicious breakfast for under 300 calories always puts a smile on my sleepy face!
When this campaign came across my email, I was ECSTATIC! Y'all, I've been eating these low calorie Jimmy Dean Delights since I started my weight loss journey back in September. So, working with Jimmy Dean on this one was right up my alley! I truly love these breakfasts. I have a freezer full of them and I can't believe how yummy they are for how few calories they have.

As I've mentioned before, I've lost over 20 pounds {and counting} since September. But, I certainly haven't starved. One thing that helps me is to eat a fantastic breakfast. Starting the day well-fueled is key for me. 

My local Walmart always has the biggest variety of these...and I certainly never get bored with all of the different kinds of breakfasts Jimmy Dean Delights have. This is way better and healthier than any drive-through menu. 

I also love that these are packed with protein...11 grams! They keep me full and going all morning long. All of the Jimmy Dean Delights have less than 300 calories each.

The fact that they can be popped in the microwave and ready in a couple of minutes is fantastic for our busy weekday mornings. How often do hot and healthy breakfasts get made that fast? 

And...only 6 points on my Weight Watchers plan! I can add some 0-point fruits to really fill me up and complete the meal. It's the perfect balanced breakfast...and my favorite way to start the day! Check out how others enjoy these fantastic meals, too...the Jimmy Dean Instagram Feed is packed with YUM!

Seriously...bacon, ooey-gooey cheese and egg? On a flatbread?
Who can resist this?

Be sure to check out Jimmy Dean on Pinterest for more great breakfast ideas!

Neglect your chores like me and don't miss a thing:


  1. I haven't tried the flatbreads yet, but I think I need to change that ASAP. Great job on your weight loss, too!

  2. Only 6 points?! That is a great value for this filling sandwich! I haven't tried this one, but the spinach and mozzarella was delicious!

  3. I'll have to try the delights I've had there other breakfast stuff and really loved it

  4. Hmmm, I think I need to try these! I've put off joining any type of structured program this time around - I always do really well for a month or two, but then I get bored and lazy. At this point, I've weaned myself off of most sugary snacks (though I do keep a stash of Hershey's Kisses in the freezer - one at a time feels like a handful when frozen), and totally stopped the extra tasting during cooking, or "not letting it go to waste" when the boys for some reason don't finish dinner. I abhor food waste. BUT, the dog is now much happier with her approved people food (no spices or sugars), coated in her daily dose of medication.

    I put on my new jeans the other day (I say new, but I've had them since before Thanksgiving). They are so loose I can slide them off like yoga pants. Especially handy when I've put off a bathroom break too long!

    The idea of being able to pop one of these in the mic, rather than making a big mess scrambling eggs and making toast while trying to make lunches and get us all out the door for school and work is very appealing. Of course, if they are really as good as you say, I could burn a few extra calories fighting the boys for them...

  5. I always enjoyed Jimmy Dean's products. I have never tried this one with the flat bread...but I will. I have been looking for a lite breakfast. Lately, I have not been eating breakfast...I think this will motivate me.