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Creating a Simple Coffee Bar

Want to create a simple coffee bar in your home?
With a few simple elements, this inviting space will feel like a coffee house!

This little project started with me & David's Christmas gifts to one another. Ironically, we both shopped at Starbucks...we truly didn't plan this one. He bought me those PRESH red and white chevron mugs {with spoons in their handles} and I got him the Verismo machine so he can enjoy espresso at home. To be clear, *someone* wants me to make sure you all know our gift giving was very proportionate. He also gave me a fabo dutch oven {in red, of course}!

The coffee area, itself, was pretty simple to put together. A lot of the items I already had. Here's what I used>>>
- Anchoring this space is a melamine tray {bought at a thrift store over 12 years ago}. I originally bought a basket type tray to put here, but I realized this is prime real estate for spillage, so the melamine is much friendlier in here.
- Canisters to hold coffees {from Walmart}. The large one holds my K-Cups and the medium and smaller ones hold the coffee, espresso and milk pods for the Verismo machine. I'm still toying with the idea of ditching the Keurig. I love that thing...but the new machine provides the same service, and much more. But I feel a very strong connection with my Keurig. And breaking up is hard to do.
- Sugar Bowl {used a heart shaped one for Valentine's...bought at a thrift store for a buck}. I don't have creamer out here since we use those milk pods in that new machine these steams the milk into the mug, people. I feel like I'm in heaven. 
- Mugs {bought at a thrift store}. When we have company, I want everything to be out and ready so nobody feels awkward opening all of my cabinets to look for a cup.
- Flavored Syrups, not necessary, but sure make a coffee drinker feel special! :)

I love my squatty little thrift store mugs! I stumbled onto a whole set of them last summer. They're my favorite mug...I love their shape! 

The chevron mugs my husband got me: my heart goes pitter-patter a little every time I see them...they're so adorbs, y'all! And they have a {now hilarious} story with them. After opening them, my husband could tell I wanted a HUGE set by the look on my face {it was love at first sight}. He decided to grab a few more for me the day after Christmas. And, of course, they had pretty much sold out everywhere. Even online! Gah! A few days after Christmas, we travelled across state {no easy feat in Texas} and stopped at every Starbucks we could. Finally, in Midland, we found one last mug tucked way back in the shelf. He picked it up and was so excited. Me, the cheapie, just had to ask..."wonder what the clearance price on them is"? Without thinking, he simply turns the mug over to check the sticker...sending the precious little spoon flying out of the handle and shattering into a floppity-jillion pieces on the floor. A little part of me died. 

But hey...I still have six! I can have five of my favorite friends over for coffee!  

X & O cookie cutters sit under my little thrift store cheese dome. The cutters were also thrifted...I scored a tub of Valentine's ones last week and have them set up all over the kitchen this season.  

This French plate came from Tar-jay last year. 

Loving this sweet little vintage Valentine postcard that I downloaded over at The Graphics Fairy. I resized it a bit to fit my frame.  

Everything at our finger tips...perfect since I'm not really fully functional until after I've consumed this stuff.  

I'm still not sure I completely get the concept of espresso on its own, yet. But the man digs it, y'all. And it smells divine. 

Stop by for a cup of love sometime, won't ya?

Neglect your chores like me and don't miss a thing:


  1. This is such a fun idea Kristi - I love it!

  2. I love everything within arms reach - and that fabulous red cabinet!

  3. I love coffee bars. I even added a little light under my cabinet over it. Your added Valentine decor makes it look fun.


  4. I love coffee, and I love this adorable place dedicated to that glorious beverage!

  5. What a beautifully styled coffee bar and it looks very inviting. I loved those little white mugs too and I liked the cookie cutters under the glass dome, so sweet! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  6. I love it! You've inspired me, I want a coffee bar!

  7. I love all of the special touches you put into your coffee bar. The red mugs are fabulous. And I adore the mugs and the x o cookie cutters.

    Makes me wish I drank coffee! :)

  8. What a wonderful idea, Kristi! I love all of the little touches that make it perfect.