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Washi Tape Holiday Wreath and Free Printable Mini Banner

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I was a bit late to the Washi Tape craze. But once I jumped into the madness, I did so with both feet and a smile. It is seriously fun to work with. This Washi Tape wreath came together very quickly and without any special skills. 

Washi Tape Wreath
I love decorating with non-traditional holiday color schemes...this black, white and red scheme is one of my favorites! Mixing the polka dot patterns from the tape and ribbon along with the little stripes on the banner and Baker's Twine really mixes things up here!

Washi Tape Holiday Wreath

Washi Tape Holiday Wreath Tutorial
Joy to the World! The mini banner printable is available below, as well. 

Washi Tape Wreath Tutorial

Wreath Tutorial


Click below to download your own mini banner for a wreath or whatever else you'd like to use it for:

Joy to the World Printable


Christmas Wreath
  • I started by wrapping the entire wreath with the tape. I went over a few areas more than once, where the tape didn't stick as well. It was a simple process.
Holiday Wreath
  • After cutting out the banner pennants, I glued them onto the twine.

Making a Christmas Wreath
  • I used binder clips to secure them closed until they dried completely.

Christmas Wreaths
I'd love to do a tutorial on how to tie a floral bow, but truthfully, I stink at teaching people how to tie bows. Like, really. There are tons of tutorials on YouTube that can show you how to tie a simple or elaborate floral bow to use with this type of wreath or in your other holiday decorating.

I learned to tie floral bows when I worked at a floral shop during my breaks home from college, about a jillion years ago. I was the bow girl. By the end of every work day, I suffered from "bow hand". If you've tied a few of these kind of bows in a row, you know what I mean. This skill has served me well since then...I never was great at arranging flowers or any of that. But, I learned to tie a mean bow...and have tied umpteen since those days!

I like to secure my bow with floral wire. I leave the "tails" on it to attach to the wreath ribbon when hanging. This is just my own preference. Feel free to attach your bow however you like.

Easy Wreath Tutorial
  • I secured my Baker's Twine to the back of my wreath using wire floral pins. You can also do this with staples, just be super careful to not break the styrofoam.

Joy to the World Wreath
  • I wrapped more ribbon around the wreath to hang it from. 
  • And then I used that floral wire I mentioned above to secure the bow to the ribbon the wreath hangs from. I think the bow makes the whole thing look like a frilly ornament! 

Is this a type of wreath you'd enjoy?

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