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How to Make a Spooky Sticks Centerpiece | Contributor Post from Heather

Heather, from Southern State of Mind, is here today....
sharing something very fun and Halloweenie!

Did I scare you?
Well, don't be scared because I am here today 
with a spook-tacularly simple centerpiece.

Using my favorite fall staple...Candy Corn!

This centerpiece is made with candy corn and "spooky sticks". 

It is super easy and perfect for a mantel, table, 
or just about any vignette in your home!

And it only takes a couple supplies!


1. You’ll need a glass of wine vase, (mine is cylinder shaped - about 12 inches high), black spray paint, an empty glass jar or cardboard paper towel holder, branches from your yard, and a bag of candy corn (I used Brach’s).

2. Grab the large cylinder glass vase and center either the glass jar or the cardboard paper towel holder (whatever you have on hand) in the middle. Now shake the candy corn around the outer area between the glass and the cardboard. Feel free to eat a few candy corn. 
Notice I said a as I say, not as I do...

3. Go for a walk with your two year old. Grab as many "spooky sticks" as you can find strewn about your neighborhood. 
What makes these sticks spooky, you ask? 
The more gnarled, knobbly, and twisted - the better. These are not just any ordinary sticks after all, they are spooky sticks. 

4. Give the spooky sticks a coat of black spray paint. Let dry.

5. Insert the spray painted spooky sticks into the center of the vase.

6. OK, this is the hardest step. Resist the urge to eat your creation as you figure out the best place to display your Spooky Sticks Centerpiece!

Happy Halloween!

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Heather is the southerner who blogs at The Southern State of Mind. She believes that decorating your home is a journey and encourages you to enjoy the ride! She is passionate about making homes feel comfortable and inspired. Heather lives in Georgia with her husband and toddler Parker (aka, Mr. Big Stuff). She invites you to join her in her Southern State of Mind!

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  1. Finally a lovely use for candy corn. I certainly wasn't planning on eating any. Very cool.

  2. That is such a great centerpiece and so easy to make! Thanks for the tip!

  3. love it perfect for fall holidays
    come see us at