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Friday's Freebie: Parenting Like a Boss

Friday's are so fun with the free printables 'round these parts. Sometimes, I want to make a free printable out of just about everything...scriptures, song lyrics {as I listen to Honky Tonk Badonkadonk on Pandora}, and just the overall hilariousness that we all experience from day to day.

My {real life} friend, Carrie, posted the following on her Facebook status recently:

"After a crazy half hour at the doctor's office this morning, we moved on to HEB to drop off a prescription. The young guy working at the door must've witnessed the debacle that ensued for the next 20 minutes, which included Wyatt knocking about a thousand bottles of vitamins off an end cap, getting his arm stuck in the blood pressure machine, and almost driving away on one of the charging wheelchairs while I tried to give the pharmacy tech our info. I was clearly flustered but trying to remain calm when the man walked over to me and said, "Ma'am, it looks like he's really wanting to test his limits with you today, huh?! I just wanted to tell you that I think you've handled it like a boss." That's right, people. PARENTING LIKE A BOSS."

I laughed so hard. We've all been there {and if we haven't, yet, we no doubt, will be}. I chimed in on the discussion that followed and said it needed to be a printable. And is. 

For Carrie...and all of the rest of us who Parent Like a Boss:

Parenting Like a Boss: Free Printable from

This is just a fun printable, dontcha' think? 
Thinking about making it into a series. 
What other things do you do "like a boss"? 
Let me know in the comments section and I can start a list.

Click the above image to download. 
Prints on a letter-sized paper to be trimmed for an 8x10 frame.

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  1. LOVE the Parenting Like a Boss! THAT. IS. AWESOME. =) Pin'd & Sharing!! Marcy @ "">day2day SuperMom

  2. I'm just stopping by to Say G'day from the Say G'Day Saturday Party. Have a beautiful day and see you again soon! Gloria @The Resourceful Gals