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Salt and Pepper Shakers Makeover #upcycle

Thanks to Goodwill, I got a new set of salt and pepper shakers for a little over $2. With a can of paint and a little love, I'm excited to have these cuties on my dinner table now. Super easy upcycle.

I'll start out by letting you know that our old set of S&P shakers were from my college years. And I was in college in the nineties. was time. Plus, every time you actually shook the old shakers, a little bit of their metallic finish came off as well...right into our food. Yum.

Both pieces for $1.99. Woot, woot! They actually had about five sets of these. Kind of kicking myself for not scooping up all of them. How cute would these {the finished version} have been down my table at a dinner party? Darn it.

I bought this Rustoleum paint since it had primer already in it. Two birds. One stone.

Spray painting in a box is the easiest way to keep the ground {and your car} free from overspray.

After they were completely dry, I brought them into my craft room, errr, messy office, to polka. Dot, that is. I don't really have an actual craft room/space. I craft right here at my desk. If I could actually get my rear in gear and organize this entire room that my family graciously gave me to use entirely by myself for work, I may put together a fun craft space {in my head, I've designed it like five times, repainted twice and moved the furniture a dozen times. It's all good}. But, that is a few projects down the list...or maybe even on page two. I digress. 

Polka dots...
I brought out the fancy tools for this. You know, the end of a new pencil eraser. It was your basic dip into a puddle of paint and dot onto the surface technique. Zero skill actually required here.  

Then I brought them back out to the box to seal with this Valspar sealer {leftover from the ORB projects}

Ready to shake it up, baby. 

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  1. Those are the cutest thing ever! I love them. Visiting from

  2. Soooo stinking cute, girl!! Pinning! {and you are cracking me up in this post.. "To Polka. Dot, that is." hahaha)
    (PS: did I mention how much I love your new profile pic? Adorbs. Just like you!)

  3. Those are too cute!! I never thought about doing that to old shakers. I'm kicking myself for getting rid of my old ones...ugh!! Great project!! Love it!!

  4. Super cute!!!!!! Love these!!!

    Cathy @

  5. How cute! It's really easy and they loo so nice now!

  6. Love these! So easy to do. I also use that high tech tool (Pencil Eraser) to polka dot!!! Stopping by from The Patriotic Pam!

  7. Ha! The pencil eraser was a surprise. I was wondering how you got the perfect little circles. What a simple (read "doable") project! I should thrift more.... these sorts of posts always inspire me. BUUUUT I don't have a car, and all the thrift stores around here aren't accessible by Metro. And there's no "". At least, I don't think there is. [Going to check for now...]

  8. Super cute! I love polka dots!

  9. You amaze me with your creativity!! These look so cute! Pinned!

  10. Very cute idea Kristi; love it! :)

  11. how cute are these?? Great upcycle Kristi!!

  12. I am a great fan of salt and pepper shakers and this is a great idea! Plus we have the same name and it's spelled the same too. I only know of like one other person!!
    :) Kristi