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My First WIWW: Plus-Sized Conference Wear

It's my first What I Wore Wednesday. My sweet friend Kelly from Live.Laugh.Rowe. encouraged me to join the here I am. The following outfits were what went with me to Blissdom this year. Plus size clothes don't have to be frumpity-dumpity...I love to create easy outfits that are {hopefully} slimming and still super comfortable and cute {I hope they are anyway}!
I'll be completely honest and tell you that this is way intimidating for me to do this. As many of you know, I'm a thyroid cancer survivor. Along with thyroid cancer came a lot of added weight. Three years later and I still haven't taken it all off. Bleh. But, I'm learning to deal with it in other ways {as I continually break my friggin' diet}. And while I certainly don't plan on keeping it with me forever, I'm not going to be in denial. And I'm not going to let it stop me from living a fun life.

I know I never did a proper Blissdom recap...and I still may. But, going to Blissdom was an absolutely incredible experience. I found a wonderful group of friends to pal around with and had the best time. But the packing for it...WHOA. Just watching my Twitter feed and seeing what others were wearing was crazy intimidating. While I didn't want to break the bank on a Blissdom wardrobe, I bought a couple of key pieces to go with things I already had. 
Without further adieu, the Blissdom version of What I Wore Wednesday:

Travel Outfit and Day One:
{I'm not one to pack a separate outfit and change before the events. What I rode in stayed on me the whole day and well into the evening.}

Top: Navy & White Striped Tee from Lane Bryant
Dressy Denim Capris: CATO {I know, right?}
Scarf, Shoes and Chunky Bracelet: Sam Moon
Flower Headband: CATO {and it was on clearance for $1.99}
Here's a close up of those bling-a-ding-ding flip flops. 
When I wear them, I like to call myself Kristi Doe-BLING-guez.
{If you didn't already know, my last name is Dominguez. Ha!}

Day Two {the glitterama mama}:
Sequined Top: CATO
Brown Short-Sleeved Jacket: CATO
Scarf: {can't remember}
Dark Denim Dressy Jeans: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Burlap Toms

 Technically, this isn't what I ended up wearing on Day got too cold. And I have no clue what is up with my face in the above photo. But, this is what I had brought and had wanted to wear on the last conference day. Whatever I wore was so non-exciting that I can't remember what it was. 
Day Three {I Wish}:
Blue Chevron Dress: Old Navy
Denim Short-Sleeved Jacket: CATO {I seriously find the best stuff there}
Chunky Necklace: made by a local artist
Shoes: yet another pair of Sam Moon flip flops

Linking up at my first WIWW:

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  1. Loved all these outfits! Thanks for sharing. I have a ton of scarfs and I never know how to wear them with anything. So, good to see them accessorizing some outfits I would be likely to wear.

  2. LOVE the blue chevron dress!!!!

  3. You are so stinkin' cute Kristi!! Love your "doe-bling-guez" flip flops!! ;)

  4. What great outfits!!! You looked awesome in all three !!!

  5. You look fabulous! Loving the blinged out flip flops =)

  6. YAY! I'm so excited to see you did the WIWW post... especially since we talked about it a bit. You look fabulous, darling!! Virtual hugs. Miss you!!

  7. You look ah-mazing! Love that last dress. I want one. :)

  8. You look beautiful! I love that last dress too!

  9. Love the last one; it is fun and relaxing looking, as you are too

  10. Love that chevron dress. I'm with you on wearing what makes you look good, regardless of whether or not you have the body/weight you'd like. Just like paint changes everything, I think so does a great outfit.

  11. You look beautiful. Love the Old Navy dress....need to take off 50 pounds myself and no excuse....

  12. Cute outfits! Us real women need fashion ideas too. I like seeing how things look on women of every size. Please keep sharing, you have really cute style.


  13. I think you look cute in all three outfits! You are so much more than a number on the scale! I have an under active thyroid and can't get weight to come off and stay off. I eat right exercise and call it good. This is the way GOD made me. I love your blog!


  14. You look fabuluous in all three outfits!! love the bling flip-flops!! Thanks for posting the pics. I am a plus size girl and very apprehensive of posting any pics of me. Thanks for the encouragement!

  15. Thank you for sharing your wonderful outfits with us! You look amazing and so trendy! As a plus size I am always looking for clothes and you gave me ideas for stuff to wear to a meeting tomorrow. Thank you again!

  16. Kristi - you look fantastic in all three photos! And - lol - I sat with you on Day #3 and I cant remember what you OR I wore. haha I may have to join in the WIWW fun. i always love reading Kelly's too! I hate pictures of myself but I might still do it!
    Love that Chevron dress!! xo Claire

  17. You are just too fashionable my dear - AND adorable! I loved all your outfits but that dress - TOO cute!

  18. Where does everyone get patterns for plus sizes? I have purchased some Burda PDF tops, but when I adjust them for my large American breasts, they are huge! It seems that store bought plus sizes, and patterns for plus sizes really only make house dresses disguised as tops and dresses.

  19. Cute! That blue chevron dress is in my cart from Old Navy right now. I definitley need it!