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Fun & Fancy Fortune Cookies

If you've never had a chocolate and sprinkle covered fortune are missing out, friend. These were fabulous and so easy to put together. I made these for my son's Ninja birthday party and we all loved them. I was inspired by the ones I saw over at Vixen Made.


These were not only easy, but really budget-friendly as well. I bought the fortune cookies in the Valentine's section of Dollar Tree...I got the boxes for only $1 each. Boom.

I also used a bag of milk chocolate chips and sprinkles. The ones that worked best are the jimmies and the sugary sprinkles {not pictured}.

I melted the chips in a double-boiler {or what I use for a double-boiler...a bowl & pot}.

Then I set up a little assembly line and got to work. 

It's your basic dip & dunk method. I also did some without sprinkles...just yummy chocolate.

I set the fortune cookies on a non-stick tray {or you can use one covered in parchment paper}.
Then I put them in the fridge to solidify. of my trays bit the dust in the fridge. I found all of my fortune cookies in a heap on the bottom shelf of the fridge...which was not the shelf they started out on.
You can see the aftermath on the right hand tray. 

I still had plenty of pretty ones for the party. They were super fun and I love the texture it added. 

All of the party food...can't wait to share more about the Ninja party with you later this week!

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  1. They look awesome! Holy cow! I will have to give those a whirl!!!

  2. So easy and fun! Thanks for the idea! Pinning :)

  3. Adorable fortune cookies!!!!

  4. So cute & so simple! Love the idea! Thanks for sharing!
    Stopping by from TT&J!

  5. So cute and fun! What a great treat for a party. I just love these! Thanks Kristi. :)

  6. We make fortune cookies all the time...but never this fancy! FUN!

  7. So fun! My mom used to make these when I was younger, and I love them.

  8. These are too cute and perfect to any party!
    Thank you for sharing, Kristi!!

  9. Those are so fun!!! So fun for any party!!!

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