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Make Your Own Star Wars Canvas Art

We've been working to transform our younger son's bedroom into something less toddler and a lot more soon-to-be-six-year-old. We're in complete Star Wars mode. This Star Wars Canvas Art is one of my favorite parts of this new space. See how I created it below.

I decided to create a couple of simple art pieces for over each bed. Believe it or not, I was an art major for the first three semesters in college...then I switched majors...twice more (much to my parents' chagrin). While 2-Dimensional Design wasn't my strongest class way back then, I channeled my inner college art student and got to work creating some easy canvas pieces for the younger boy's room. It was really easy and anyone could do this. I basically created a simple line drawing and then filled it in with paint.

See the process below.

Star Wars Art

Here's how these art pieces look in the new room over the beds.

I'm excited that the room is really starting to come together (although if I had turned the camera on the wall behind me, you'd see it's still waiting for a dresser re-paint, window treatments and toy storage...and it's a hot mess, y'all). HoweverI can't wait to tell you how I did complete the bedding on the CHEAPITY, CHEAP, CHEAP! It is from three different stores, but I think it all came together pretty well. I actually just pulled the sheets out of the dryer before snapping this pic. 

I used canvases from HobLob {with that lovely 40% coupon}.

I had most of the paints on hand. I also used my son's Boba Fett water bottle for my inspiration. It came from the Target Dollar Spot (where I somehow manage to spend more money than any other part of that store).

I used a pencil to copy the pattern of the helmet on the bottle.

On the straight areas, I pulled out my old art class ruler (it's been saved since 1997...that's got to be some sort of record, y'all).

Since Boba's helmet is multiple shades of green, I just mixed a few colors to get what I wanted (on my fancy palette...aka a Dixie plate).

Then it was a basic stay-in-the-lines, fill 'er in project.

Each color required two coats.

I went in after I was done and added some accents that weren't on the water bottle (but that my kids insisted on for authenticity). I'm kind of clueless on the details of these characters, so I had to consult my in-house experts, Frick and Frack, during this process.

After the inner area was complete, I filled in the outside with navy blue...covering the edges as well.

The room's occupant wanted Boba over his bed.

I also painted Darth Vader in the same method, but I don't think he turned out nearly as well as Boba Fett. He was way more complicated. Bleh. I may go back and do a simpler character with cleaner lines to replace ol' Vader. We'll see.

Here is a before shot of this side of the room:

And the after:

I'm excited to show the rest of the space...should we ever finish! ;)


  1. Well, I think they look awesome, and I'm sure your son does too! Have you seen the Death Star canvas on PB Kids? I'm in the process of doing a's flipping AWESOME.

  2. This looks amazing! I hope that my son loves Star Wars as much as his dad and I do, so that his big boy room can be Star Wars themed :D He's only 18 months so we're going to have to wait and see.

  3. love this! super cute! star wars is the best!

  4. You did a great job! Didn't you have a printable of the star wars printable on your son's shelves-May the force be with you? I thought I saw it in a post, but now I can't find it. Thanks!

  5. I think you did a fantastic job!!! It looks really cute!!

  6. Love that room! Darth is my favorite!

  7. Love the Star Wars Art! Great room! I will pin it to my Star Wars board. You might want to check out my blog as I am the Jedi Craft Girl :)

  8. Great idea! My kids love posters of their favorite characters but I don't like posters taped to the wall. This is a great idea for incorporating things they love into something more artistic!
    -Ana from

  9. FABulous! These turned out great. And I love the room. Now following!

  10. I know about 100 kids that would want this - great idea!

  11. I'm featuring YOU today over on my blog. Thanks for linking up to {wow me} wednesday. :)


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