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Friday's Freebie: Printable Holiday Paper Doll

Introducing Krissy Kringle...the last in my line of Printable Paper Pals. 
She comes complete with festive holiday attire, peppermint-striped jammies and a tray of Christmas a few more fun things!

Paper Pals are designed to be printed on heavy cardstock on an 11x17 sized sheet. 

To download, simply click on the image below:
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  1. So very cute!

  2. Adorable! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. Hi Kristi, another Paper Doll Designer! So fun...I am a new follower and you may like some of my things at Maddalee! We should partner up with guest posts :)

    Thank you for sharing at A to Z, Nancy

  4. How cute! You are so talented. Totally pinning these:)

  5. Stumbled across your site...LOVE IT! Love the chore chart printables. Thank you!

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