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{Ridiculously Easy} #Lego Cake

My big boy turned eight on Saturday. He didn't want an actual party this year, instead he requested a road trip up to the Dallas area to go to Legoland for their big Star Wars weekend. I wanted to still have a small party just for us, so I put together a super easy {travel-friendly} cake to haul up there with us.

He had a blast...not sure how we'll be able to top this one!

My kids are LEGO addicts...this was perfection.

Start by making your favorite cake recipe.
{I was in a hurry and used a box mix...using this little trick to make it taste homemade}.
Pour batter into a prepared 9x13 pan and bake according to directions.

Once your cake is cool, turn it out onto a cutting board. You'll cut it into four pieces*. The end pieces are scraps...but my family noshed on them no problem.
*Truthfully, you can create any size/shape Lego piece you'd like. I just wanted a smaller cake so I wouldn't have to haul leftovers home, so that's how I came up with this shape.

Take the middle two pieces that you're actually using and freeze them overnight {wrapping separately}.

The next day, mix up your favorite icing recipe {I have always liked Wilton's Buttercream...you can find that recipe here}. I didn't even have to double it for this recipe. Canned frosting will work fine, too {maybe add a teaspoon of vanilla or almond extract to make it a bit more homemade-ish}. I tinted my frosting with yellow food coloring gel; that's my boy's favorite color.

Add a dab of frosting to the cake plate to help the cake stay in place. Pull the cake layers out of the freezer...you'll be frosting them while they're still frozen.

Place the bottom cake layer onto the cake plate on the frosting dab. Frost the top of it {keeping it frozen makes it not so crummy/crumbly while you frost it}.

Add the top layer to the cake and start frosting the sides and top of it.

Don't worry if your plate gets messy...you can clean it up later.

There's two ways to make the Lego "buttons": Double-Stuffed Oreos or jumbo marshmallows. I, personally, think the Oreos are much easier to frost, so that's the way I went. Stick a dab of frosting on the bottom of each Oreo to adhere it to the top of the cake.

Stuck like glue.

It's easier to frost the Oreos using a plain butter knife, rather than the offset spatula.
Clean up your cake plate and you're good to go.

We have a tradition of having cake for breakfast on your birthday in our family {that way you can have the fancy restaurant dessert at your birthday dinner that night}. This is Ben's "hotel birthday breakfast" the morning of his birthday! He loved the cake. And it was a very memorable weekend for sure!

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For more information on this recipe, click the infographic to see the entire post where she goes into more details.


  1. Always wondered how to get the "lego top" on these adorable cakes!! Who'd a thought... Glad you showed us how ridiculously easy it really is! Thanks

  2. Happy to have found this as I prepare for my own Lego party! YAY! Thanks a million, just pinned.

  3. This year my sons' school's theme is Building Success, so the school is decorating with Legos. I will need to make this cake for our next teacher luncheon!

    Bonny @ thedomesticatedprincess.com

  4. Adorable cake! I thought the tops were cupcakes. Brilliant idea to use cookies. Love it.

  5. That is easy! Great idea! Found you on the TMT link party!

  6. Kristi,
    THANK YOU so much for the board and batten feature! That is wonderful.
    (my hubby says thanks too!)

  7. I love that you used Oreos on top!!! That's brilliant!!! My son (as are most boys) is totally in love with Legos!!! I have to try this for his next birthday!

  8. That looks awesome! And... I spy a Southern Living tray. :)

    I'd love it if you could link this (and 1-2 other recipes if you'd like) up to Wonderful Food Wednesday on At Home Take 2: http://www.athometake2.com.

    At Home Take 2

  9. Very cool! I'm taking note of all these lego party ideas I've been seeing. I have a feeling I'm going to need them in a few years!

  10. That is so cool! I have to share this with my sister who loves to bake. :)
    Found your post via Happy Go Lucky.

  11. your lego cake
    turned out beautifully

    i made my own
    for my son's birthday party
    a few months ago
    and went the marshmallow route

    but i wish i'd thought
    to use oreos instead

    just stopping by
    from ATPF to say hello

    now following
    via GFC and FB!


  12. The cake turned out so cute! I would have never guessed that you used Oreos, but how yummy.

    We'd love for you to link up to our Finished Friday Blog Party.

  13. Love it- I have a LEGO party coming up for my son and I have pinned this post to my Pinterest board so I remember the Oreo trick. SO much easier than trying to cut cake circles.

    Popping by from "Cheerios"...come say hi over at http://thehandleyhome.blogspot.com/2012/09/bee-wrapping-paper.html...this week I'm linking up some cutesy bee wrapping paper. Love the blog- thanks for sharing!!

  14. Love the Cake! My Lego Cake Pops would go great with this theme. Pinning it!

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