Ninja...GO! {how to make a sandwich that impresses a 2nd grade boy} | i should be mopping the floor
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Ninja...GO! {how to make a sandwich that impresses a 2nd grade boy}

Ninjago is the happening thing around our house. From the Legos to the show, my boys love them some spin-jitsu action.

I recently saw a Ninjago sandwich on Pinterest, but several of the components were complicated and not readily available at the average grocery store. So, I put my own twist {errr....spin?} on this sandwich and made it super easy for anyone to create:

I started by using a bread round and cutting out an area for the eyes to show through. I also cut the square of cheddar cheese into a circle with my circle-sandwich cutter {you can easily use a cookie-cutter or even trace a circle of a container with a knife}.

Don't worry...I didn't waste the cheese scraps! They get tucked into the sandwich, too! :)

I peeled a strip off of a cucumber with my veggie peeler. I used the wrong end of one of my cake decorating tips to cut out the eyes.

I used a small cake frosting tip to cut out the pupils of the eyes.

I adhered the eyes with cream cheese to the cheddar cheese that showed through the eye area. I used plenty of cream cheese so the white would show through on the pupil part. I cut out strips of cucumber for the eye brows and adhered them with cream cheese, too....tucking them in under the bread. And there's your ninja!

He was super surprised!  It was the first thing he talked about {and thanked me for} when I picked him up from school that day! In my book that equals success.


  1. I have sons in 2nd and kindergarten and they will love this in their lunchboxes! Thank you!

  2. Kristi, this is fantastic! My second grader is a picky eater and doesn't like sandwiches but I know LOTS of boys at his lunch table would go wild over this idea!

  3. My boys are going to LOVE this. So glad you took the time to tweet the original.

  4. I know at least one first grader who would love this. Thanks for sharing at the Sunday Showcase! :)

  5. Nice Ninjago! I got the idea from here and make it for my boy. He love it!!! ^^

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