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Using Vinyl Flooring for Crafts

As you may or may not know, a few months ago, we were blessed to work with the wonderful people from Metroflor. They installed these AmAzInG new floors in several areas of my home:

{If you'd like to see all of the awesome flooring photos and details, click was way FUN!}

I ended up with three extra boxes of the flooring leftover after the install was complete. I just knew I'd use it for something so I've held onto it. When we re-painted the kitchen last month, a lot of my old decor, felt a bit....errr, out of place, once we were done.

Those three canvas-like pieces in the above photo {called "the Tuscan Trio"} were from the days when I was a Southern Living at Home consultant {the job where I spent more than I made...weird, no idea how that happened}. I still liked them, but they just didn't go with the {year long} modernization process that the kitchen is smack-dab in the middle of.

So I pulled the good ol' Tuscan Trio down and repurposed them with some of my leftover vinyl & painted letters. This vinyl is a stinkin' breeze to work's AWESOME {in your head, you need to say the word 'AWESOME' in your best, highest-pitched Barney Stinson singing-voice...please and thank you}.

I scored the vinyl to the length I needed with a utility knife (box cutter).

Then I simply bent it and it broke {very cleanly} in two pieces. Easy-smeazy. I cut & trimmed enough to fit on top of all three art pieces. Then I used Liquid Nails to glue the vinyl to the top of the art {this is a floating flooring, so if you're using it on actual floors, please consult the owner's wouldn't require Liquid Nails...that was just for this craft}.

Then I weighted the pieces with a bunch of books and let them dry overnight.

I purchased three cardboard letters from HobLob {this was my only out-of-pocket expense for this whole project}. I painted them red with some acrylic paint.

After they were dry, I used Liquid Nails to attach them to the front of my art pieces. I let them dry overnight again. The Liquid Nails worked fabulously....I know this since I witnessed my husband carrying the "T" by the actual letter as he took it to the kitchen to hang it for me {hand to forehead in shock}.

So much more fitting with the new look! Really loving how modern and fun they are. Also love that it adds another texture to the kitchen.

The possibilities with the vinyl flooring are endless...I'm thinking of making a cool new headboard for my youngest son with some more of my leftover pieces.

For more information on Metroflor vinyl flooring, click here.


  1. now that is a cool look!!!!!Great idea and wonderful job!!!

  2. I was going to to EAT letters on my kitchen above the pantry but I love how you put them on another board first. Thanks for the idea.

  3. How did I miss this?! I love the word EAT! Perfect! And I may just have to copy you! :) You have the best ideas!!

  4. This is awesome! Brilliant idea. Everything looks really nice.

  5. Such a neat idea and thrifty too. You are the lucky WINNER of the Goose Creek Candle giveaway at my blog...please e-mail me at your full name and address so I can pass it on to the company...congrats Kristi!!