Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring....Coming to My House! | i should be mopping the floor
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Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring....Coming to My House!

Blogging is fun, no? One of the coolest things is when I get to try out a product and tell all of you about it. Well, hold on to your horses, I'm about to be talking about one......Way. Cool. Product.

While my actual product hasn't arrived yet...the fun has already begun! 

Meet Jim. He stopped by today. And you know....measured parts of my home for, oh....
NEW FLOORS!! Um...yeah. 
Buh-bye, builders grade carpet. Sayonara stain spots. 
Arrivederci, awfulness {that is my carpet}.

Hellooooooo, Luxury {Wood} Plank Flooring from Metroflor

Oh my...this company has been unbelievably amazing to work with. And judging from the full-size samples they sent, I will be doing cartwheels across this gorgeous flooring in a little over a week or so. It's seriously B-E-A-U-tiful. The color choices they offer and styles are incomparable with any other on the market {and I've been shopping around for this type of product for quite a while}.

We will be using Metroflor's Konecto line of flooring that they offer. It truly is like no other vinyl product out there.

Stay tuned as I take you through the process of this awesome luxury plank flooring that's about to be in my living area, dining room & hallway. This is one awesome product and I am so giddy and proud to introduce it to all of you.


  1. Sounds exciting cannot wait to see finished product. Do you plan to refinish your other kitchen cabinets?

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by!! It is a cool product. And YES...we will be do the cabinets week after next. We're going to extend the height of them and add larger moulding to the top and then paint out in white. I can't wait! :)

  2. Kristi, can you email me when you get a chance. I wasn't sure if you saw the emails I sent ya. :)



  3. You lucky duck! They'll be giving new floors to your latest follower {ME}, right?! Can't wait to see the pictures!

  4. I love the color, pink, I can't wait to see the results.

  5. Fantastic job, I was doing a google search and your internet site came up for homes for sale in Altamonte Springs, FL but anyway, I have enjoyed reading it, keep it up!

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  6. Total excitement cant wait to see how it turns out!