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Light Saber Pretzel Sticks

We had our big Star Wars bash for our little man not too long ago (I still need to post on that). One of my favorite treats were the Light Saber Pretzel Sticks. And they couldn't have been easier to put together.

  • I bought two bags of the candy wafer melts from Hobby Lobby and three bags of pretzel rods from the grocery store (you won't use that many...but there are always broken ones and you want them in tact for this). 
  • I also opted for the pre-colored candy green and blue. They're easier to work with. It can be annoying to incorporate food coloring and get the color consistency even. 

  • Melt your wafers according to the package directions. I use the microwave method. Just be careful not to gets all wonky then. 
  • I dip one end of the pretzel rod into the chocolate and use my little rubber spatula to coat the rest of the rod. 
  • Lay it on'll get rid of the excess in the next step.

  • In a circular motion (and within the confines of your bowl), quickly swirl your pretzel rod around to "splatter off" the excess. (You can see the extra "strings" of the candy in the bottom of the bowl in the above image). This doesn't take just evens out the candy coating.

Lay out all of your candy-coated pretzel rods on a non-stick cookie sheet. 

Pop in the fridge for a half an hour or so until they're set (The cups to the left are full of "Carbonite Jello"...also for the party...heehee). 

And that's it. Love the combination of salty and sweet. And the kiddos loved them, too!


  1. These are so cute!!! Perfect for a boy's party!!! xoxo- Rachel

  2. Perfect party idea! I'd love it if you would come share them at my link party at

  3. Very cute Kristi!! Did the boys eat em or play with them? Thanks for linking up.

  4. cute, I'd totally want Mace Windu purple! :)