K-Cup Box to Valentine Holder | i should be mopping the floor
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K-Cup Box to Valentine Holder

I was looking for something easy to convert into a Valentine holder. I like how the little flap on an empty K-Cup box folds down...similar to an old-fashioned mailbox. So...a little tissue paper, mod podge and less than an hour later....ta-da!

Everything I used I already had on hand...so this is seriously a $0 project. The tissue paper was leftover from Christmas.

I added a piece of cardstock into the front of the box to make it easier to attach velcro to later. I just glued it in. It was covered with tissue & mod podge, so it doesn't show.

I cut my tissue paper into little squares.

And away we went! Since it was tissue, I did several layers: mod podge/tissue/mod podge/tissue. That also helped make this little cardboard box a lot sturdier.

After it was dry, I added the velcro to make it easy to open & close and fill with Valentines. I also tied gross grain ribbon on for a simple handle.

I also added the rosette to the front to add a little extra texture. It's your basic layered flower rosette.

This was a seriously EASY project!
Happy Valentine's Day!