i should be mopping the floor: To Do List Free Printables

Friday, January 17, 2014

To Do List Free Printables

I've got free printables to help you keep your resolutions...
every Friday this month.

Today, I've got these To Do List Free Printables that are perfect to help you manage the simple tasks life throws at ya!

Ahhh...I love a good to do list. Especially one where all of the 'to dos' have already become 'ta das'. Sometimes I go back and write stuff I've already completed in...just so I can cross it off. Our little secret, k?

The above is an example of how these are designed to be used. You can either print a new one out every day or laminate or frame it to use with dry erase. 
To download, click on the images below.

Neglect your chores like me and don't miss a thing:


  1. These are awesome! I always have a running list (or 2) of things to do. Thanks so much for sharing these! : )

  2. Thank you for these! They are needed; and because they look so cute I'll get more done right?! :)

  3. You make my favorite printables! Thanks so much for sharing good design!

  4. Thanks, these are very nice and useful. It took me ages to find something that wasn't super flowery and girly! I love your colour combinations :)

  5. I love this! Totally using it for work. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing!!

  6. THank you so much for making these available! I am helping my mom get organized and the colors are great!