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Valentine's Coffee and Hot Cocoa Bar

This post for a coffee and hot cocoa bar contains affiliate links. I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you.

After the holiday decor is put away, the house looks so blah. I jazzed up our coffee bar this year and included the kids with a hot cocoa bar, too...all in heart decor. Come check out our Valentine's Coffee and Hot Cocoa Bar below.

Valentine's Coffee and Hot Cocoa Bar
In all honesty, I don't normally have Valentine's decor up *this* early, but I have to tell you about my new lil' side job. For the second issue in a row, I'm working with a local lifestyle magazine as their DIY and decor person. It's been a blast, y'all...kind of taking me back to my roots with a bit of publishing and design work, too. With the February issue coming up, I had Valentine's decor out the day after Christmas so I could photograph everything. I invited our sweet little friend over and we had a couple of photoshoots. Today's Valentine's Coffee and Hot Cocoa Bar ended up on the cutting room floor (in favor of a Valentine's Baking Station, which I'll show you after the magazine hits shelves), but I did want to share this here with you! And, I'll be sharing the free printable this week, as well. Check out our Coffee and Hot Cocoa Bar below.

Valentine's Coffee and Hot Cocoa Bar

This little spot in our home is, by far, the hardest working space ever. All five of us partake of the coffee and hot cocoa bar all day long. I fill up the K-Cup jar almost every single's coffee mayhem, y'all.

Cute Hot Cocoa Bar
I post about this space a lot here on the blog, but it's such a fun spot to decorate seasonally. You can see it here in all its vintage Christmas glory. I tend to post about it even more over on my Instagram account. Again, this is my sweet friend, Bonnie's daughter featured in this post, along with my youngest son.

Kids' Hot Cocoa Bar
While this space is usually just coffee, it's been fun having it double as a hot cocoa bar this time of the year, too. My kids have made at least one cup of cocoa every night for themselves. It was so easy to just throw cocoa packets and marshmallows into some of my jars for easy access.

Winter Coffee Bar

Key Items for a Coffee and Hot Cocoa Bar:

  • coffee maker
  • coffee cups
    • You can see my red and white striped ones on the top shelf of this coffee bar. They're actually Christmas ones, but I always use them for Valentine's, too, with their fun red and white colors. These particular ones were a gift from both my husband and a friend several years ago. They both scoured all of the local Starbucks for me when I fell in love with these cute cups!
  • large glass jars for holding coffee pods, cocoa packets, marshmallows, sweeteners, etc.
  • small glass jars for "extras" like sprinkles, etc.
  • seasonal artwork (it's perfect to anchor the space, just change it out as needed)

Heart Hoop Art
Last year, I made this super simple heart hoop art for this space. It wasn't anything too fancy. I used a hoop quilt from the thrift store, a dotted fabric scrap, felt that I cut into a large heart, and an embroidered blanket stitch to hold it all in place. I gave it a coat of Scotch Gard to protect it from any coffee or hot cocoa bar mishaps.

Free Valentine's Heart Printable
As I mentioned above, the Watercolor Heart Printable I displayed here is one of my freebies. It's available in both vertical and horizontal versions. It's definitely become a reader-favorite this time of the year.

Valentine's Candy and Decor
Again, I used apothecary jars for some seasonal candy. I had to laugh...a few days before Christmas, a Facebook friend posted about how annoyed she was that the grocery store already had Valentine's candy out. While I understand her sentiment, I was secretly so happy to see her post and go grab all of this in time for my photos! I used these smaller jars here from Amazon for my Valentine's sprinkle collection. I love Valentine's, y' much so that I have a sprinkle collection for it. 

Cocoa and Coffee Jars
And I use these vintage cracker jars for everything. I've had them for years, y'all. It's nice that you can easily see the contents of the jar. I originally bought some of these after we got married (16 years ago) at Target. Since then, I often see them at Marshall's or TJ Maxx for a good price. I also just found a set of FOUR of the big gallon-sized ones here on Amazon.

Vintage Cracker Jars
I'm not even a little kidding when I say that I love these jars so much. Here's a little peek at that baking station I'll be sharing next month. 

Valentine's Hot Cocoa
 Sprinkles make everything better.

Hot Cocoa Bar Ideas

More Coffee and Cocoa Bar Ideas

  • How about an Iced Coffee Bar when the temperatures are warmer outside? Mine was so much fun to set up.
  • And this is what our coffee bar looked like in our previous home. We used a piece of furniture for it since we didn't have enough counter space to accommodate it over there.
  • This three-tier coffee bar from A Shade of Teal is really cute! Everything is ready for your cup of yum.
  • And I love Jenn's Valentine's Hot Cocoa Bar over at Clean and Scentsible.

Valentine's Coffee Bar
Would you enjoy a coffee and hot cocoa bar in your kitchen?

Free Valentine's Ideas


  1. I love Valentines and love this! Dollar General has the cracker jars in 3 sizes for around $3, $4 and $5 dollars a piece. I buy one anytime I go in there so I have a nice collection!

    1. What a great tip, Glyniss! I'll have to check out my local store for sure.

  2. Right before Christmas I found and bought jars just like these at Home Goods (part of TJ Maxx family) for $2.99 and some a little smaller for $1.99. I filled them with goodies I baked and gave them to everyone in my family. I love your ideas and I would love to have this in my house, although there is just 2 of us.

    1. Kathy, I soooo wish we had Homegoods (although, I'd be in a heap of trouble...too many temptations!). But, what awesome finds. Thank you so much for your sweet words. xoxo

  3. Your kiddos are precious! They make great models to show off your coffee/hot chocolate bar. I wish I had a nice niche to put my Keurig. It just sits on the end of the counter. Oh, well... that's what happens when one has a small kitchen. I am thankful that I have the kitchen I have, but it is nice to dream even if I am in my 70s. 8-)

    1. Thanks so much, Grace! This is my son and our sweet little friend (we just have boys in our family...we were happy to have her join us for some cocoa fun). This is actually one of those built-in desks that all of the 1970s homes had...I just use it for the coffee maker! Thanks so much for stopping by! xoxo

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