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Free Irish Blessing Printable

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This Free Irish Blessing Printable would be a delightful little watercolored rainbow addition to your St. Patrick's Day decor. With our new found Irish heritage (yay for ancestry tests, y'all!), we practically have a different Irish Blessing in every corner of the house this season. We're seriously milking this holiday for all its worth. Grab your own free Irish Blessing Printable below to add to your decor.
Irish Blessing Printable

Are y'all so tired of me going on and on about our newly discovered Irish heritage? I's the season to celebrate it, right? I've seriously always wanted to do more St. Patrick's Day printables here, but didn't feel like I was very authentic designing this type of print a few years back. Now that we've learned we're as Irish as a pot of gold (relatively speaking), I'm going all out with the fun. Today's free Irish Blessing Printable is my second St. Patrick's print of the year (did you catch last week's St. Patrick's Day freebies?). This Irish Blessing Printable kind of marries all of my favorite things...watercolor, rainbow vibes, and a sweet message to display in your home. Grab yours below.

Free Irish Blessing Printable

May you live as long as you want;
And never want as long as you live.

Words to live by for sure.

Irish Blessing

Is this not the best Irish Blessing? I mean, that's kind of what we all want, right? A long life where we want for nothing...that's the stuff. And I just had to lay this sweet blessing on top of some rainbow watercolor saturation to really bring out the best St. Patrick's Day has to offer. I've got some fun printing tips below on really making this one sing for you in its frame.  

Irish Blessing Printable Sizes:

I created this print in three sizes: 
  • 8x10"
  • 5x7"
  • 4x6"
Some of you have really enjoyed our smaller sized prints, so I always try to accommodate that. Please note that the 8x10" is always available in a PDF format for simple, at-home printing. However, I create the 5x7" and 4x6" sizes in both JPEGS (those are single prints that can be uploaded to a photo-printing store), as well as PDF formats (these come to two a page, so you can also print at home). So, be sure to download the version that works best for you.

How to Print Your Irish Blessing Printable:

  • This Irish Blessing design is for personal use. However, if you do own a shop or small business, you may purchase a commercial use license here for printed products. Absolutely no digital redistribution is allowed. 
  • Download your favorite size and format of this printable below. 
  • If you are printing at home, be sure to print onto white cardstock paper instead of regular copier paper. Regular copier or printer paper is quite thin. Once your lovely new print is framed, if it's on copier or printer paper, the backing from the frame (or whatever else is behind the print) can show through. In some cases, this makes the printable look grey and drab. Printing on a nice, thick white cardstock gives you the prettiest prints!
  • Since this is a watercolor printable, if you're printing on your home printer, you can use the DRAFT setting to get a fun, streaky, authentic watercolor look. The cool part of this? DRAFT mode actually saves you ink. Niiiiiiice.
  • 8x10" prints fit perfectly onto letter-sized cardstock paper. Just trim and frame. 
  • My 4x6" and 5x7" prints that are two to a page will also print onto letter-sized paper. You'll have one to keep and one to share!

Download Your Irish Blessing Printable:

Download your favorite format and size of this Irish Blessing printable below.
Irish Blessing Printables

Want More Irish Blessing Printables?

May You Live as Long as You Want and Never Want as Long as You Live

May your card stock be heavy and your cartridge full of ink. 
(A graphic designer's version of an Irish Blessing.)

Not sure how to Print a Printable?

If you're new to the world of printables, or maybe just I Should Be Mopping the Floor, I'm here to help you with printing issues and questions. You can check out my complete video below covering how to both download and print your printables on either a Mac or a PC...on your home printer or even uploaded to your local print shop. Additional questions? Be sure to refer to my thorough, step-by-step post here on printing your printables. It also includes budget-friendly, at-home printer recommendations (something I get asked about quite a lot!).

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