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Coffee and Pie Bar

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A simple Coffee & Pie Bar is perfect for all of your holiday entertaining needs. I’ve also included some free printable pie leftover covers to send pie with your guests...because who turns down leftover pie, y’all?

You guys know how much I love my little coffee station in my’s my hardest working area in the whole house. It brews all day and night at times. I thought it would be fun to make it into a fun Coffee and Pie Bar for the holiday entertaining season. and pie. AmIright?

As ridiculously silly as this may sound...I struggle with the dessert portion of entertaining. There’s a couple of schools of thought here: 1) dessert is served immediately following the meal or 2) dessert is served after the entire meal is cleaned up. I fall in the first category. My mom falls in the second. And the rest of the family is divided as well. Since my mother and I always host these events (at my home, usually), we somehow always default to her standard (ahem). It’s the old “that’s how it’s always been done” adage. As a person who could sometimes bypass the whole meal and just go for the dessert, this decision is always feels a bit...meh.

My solution this year? Let’s make this a self-serve kind of situation and everyone can help themselves to dessert when it’s right for them. It’s a win-win, y’all. We did a trial run with my parents and it went off beautifully. I *think* I’ve convinced my mom.

For the main holiday meals, we only serve pie as dessert (as it should be, y’all...wink). We also serve coffee alongside it. Some guests only opt for coffee. They never get invited back….weird.

Besides holiday meals, I think a Coffee and Pie Bar works great for any type of get or not. We occasionally host small groups in our home for a variety of reasons and this would be perfect. I always feel like I need to make a big spread for these...but really, coffee and pie would be perfection...and a lot less fuss for the hostess.

You know what else is less fuss? Store-bought pies that taste better than my own recipes. Ummm...yeah.

These Mr Kipling pies are like none out there, y’all. Not only did my family try them at our Coffee and Pie Bar run through, but several of my friends were able to sample some, as well. We’re all hooked on them. The crust...oh that crust.

These pies are only available for a very limited get ‘em while the gettin’ is good. They will be in Texas-area Walmarts and are something you definitely want to look out for. I’ve truly never eaten a pre-packaged pie that tastes even better than most homemade ones I’ve eaten. And their darling mini-pie sizes would be so nice at a holiday event...because cutting up a bunch of big ol’ pies while you have a dessert-ready crowd on standby is kind of stressful, right?

And I’ll be honest, because of their adorable size, there is no shame in sampling a couple of different flavors...or you know, all of them. The Mississippi Mud ones were a favorite of ours. We also loved the apple. Other flavors include Cherry and Fruit Pies (which are a delightful combination of Apple and Black Currant).

These pies are made with such attention to detail, can taste that in every bite (and crumb...I may or may not have licked the crumbs out of my empty little tin). Mr Kipling Pies are just deliciousness, y’all.

Be sure to check your box for a “best by” sticker or stick them in your freezer as soon as possible.

My dad loves pie. So much so that for his 80th birthday in a few weeks, we’re skipping the cake and only serving pie. This whole setup had his name written all over it. We are pie people in every sense of the word.

Serious deliciousness. Ohhhh...that crust makes me weak in the knees.

And of course, everyone loves to take pie home, right? These labels fit perfectly on 4”-6” aluminum leftover pans. I just glue them to the paper side of the top.

They’re perfect for pie...or any other leftovers!

Click above to download yours. They print onto a standard letter-sized page.

A couple of months ago, I posted these free printable coffee cup wrappers here. I thought they coordinated perfectly with the coffee bar, too...especially that pie one. ;)

Happy Pie Season, friends! Consider grabbing Mr Kipling Pies to make your holiday entertaining fuss-free, as well. Which flavor would you like to sample?

You can find Mr Kipling pies in select Texas Walmarts for a limited time.


  1. I love this Pie/Coffee Bar idea! And I love the mini pies so that you don't have the mess of cutting. This is such a great idea! Ive never tried Mr Kipling Pies, they look wonderful! Ive got to go out and get some. The Mississippi Mud Pie is calling my name! Oh - and I'll have to buy some for the family get together!

    1. Thanks so much, friend!! I'm sure in the next month or so, you will be over here for coffee, pie, and then some (wink!). Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend!! xoxo

  2. Beautiful! I love the design set up and the mini pies are such a great idea! Love your entire blog!

    1. Oh, thank you so much, Tracy!! I really appreciate that.

  3. Your article is very amusing! People who don't eat pie? Well, come on! That's crazy! I like it that they have tin foil so you don't have to do any cleaning. Happy holidays, girl!