i should be mopping the floor: My New Printer from Staples Rocks My Socks Off

Thursday, June 13, 2013

My New Printer from Staples Rocks My Socks Off

This post was written for Staples on my behalf. I was not compensated monetarily for this post. I was given product to review and write about with an unbiased opinion. 
All opinions are 100% mine.

I print. Like a lot. But, as many of you know, up until now...I didn't print at home. I would go to my local print shop and have them print everything for me. It looks like I may be saying goodbye to Keith at the printing store for a bit. Because this new printer of mine is the bomb diggity. 

Recently, I was contacted by Staples to review a printer. I am certainly a person who could put a printer to the test. And I have. And it still rocks me like a wagon wheel. 
I love this thing:

I selected the LaserJet Pro 100 for a couple of reasons. One being that I've always wanted a laser jet {I've been an ink jet girl for awhile now...time for some ch-ch-ch-changes}. And two, I wanted something that could scan at a high resolution as well. 

My husband set it up for me. Out of the box to print time was twenty minutes.
I did all of the on-screen set up. Since I'm a Mac person running on a more recent system than OS-X, I did have to download a separate driver from the HP site to make it compatible, but it was super easy to do. It downloaded in less than a minute and walked me through the process. Lickety-splickety, my friends. 

And we're able to run all three of our computers to it wirelessly throughout the home. My husband could be on the other side of our house on a laptop and send something to print all the way to my office, where the new printer lives. 

It even has a cool ePrint function that allows you to print from any device on your network...be it tablet, phone, what-evs. How cool is that?

My thing is printables. I make them. I print them. I dig them, man.
But, before this printer, I would have never considered printing something as ink-heavy as a printable at home. But, this baby did not disappoint. 

I love the saturation of the colors and how perfectly matched they are. When printing directly from Photoshop Elements, I had the option of allowing the printer or PSE to do the color matching for me. I chose the printer and it matched everything beautifully. 

Ben's chore chart came right out looking fabulous.
He was, errrrr, thrilled.

Then...the ultimate test. A chalkboard printable. A completely saturated print. 
And then color on top of the black saturation. Bring it.

Man, this thing can print, baby. Can you believe how stunning this looks? 
No printer lines or anything. Just pure saturated color. 
{BTW, this patriotic print will be available tomorrow as the weekly freebie}.

The scanning and copying features also work great. 
Crisp and clear on both functions.
I really got a little too into scanning. 
Cleaned out a few shoe boxes full of old pictures...

And totally tagged like crazy on FB. Nobody was safe.
Can you spot Florence Henderson in the above photos?
We're totally BFF. 
Yeah, except not at all.

One other cool thing about this printer is that the ink consumption is low. I used to burn through ink cartridges on my old printer so fast. This supply level above is after printing a  dozen of those chalkboard printables and a month's worth of chore charts for both kids. And some photos. And my husband even made some copies for church on Sunday morning. We're still rocking it at 100%. 

So, all in all. I'm in love with the thing. 
My new printer from Staples is FABULOUSx10.

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  1. Wow!
    Sounds like a awesome Printer!! =)

  2. Hey Kristi, how is it with photos? We are desparately in need of a new printer, but I've got to have one that does super sharp photos.

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